Benefits of Calgel

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Calgel products are a new generation solution to your nail art. They are gel, unlike the acrylic ones that are normally used. It initially popular only in South Africa but has rapidly spread to Europe and other parts of the world. Many women now opt to buy Calgel products.

Calgel Nail Gel
Calgel Nail Gel

Benefits of Calgel Products:

  • Calgel products do not damage the nails.
  • Calgel products also do not possess and offensive smell.
  • Gel nail solid color is quite nice and once Calgel is applied it will remain intact for an entire month (4 whole weeks).
  • Calgel is beneficial to keep the nails intact. The nails are less likely to chip or break. Furthermore they are gas permeable thus help the nails grow naturally.
  • The Calgel color is also easy to remove; It is advisable to take help from a professional, but it is easy to remove on the whole.
  • There are more than 80 shades available when it comes to Calgel hence the color choice is large.
  • Calgel color encourages nail art. Calgel is usually applied by trained professionals who are highly trained in nail art too, hence you have the option of opting for something fancy as well.

Calgel at Oh, My Nails

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