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Manicure is something not many do by themselves. Most of the women take help from, their beauty salon when it comes to caring for their nails or styling them for a special occasions. However some women go a step further and opt going to a special nail salon that is well equipped with the good and new products to use on nails. Calgel products are very popular when it comes to anything to do with nails and hence the Calgel manicure are also gaining in popularity.

What is Calgel?

  • Solid Calgel colors are painted straight from the pot like traditional gel. It is even possible to get creative with them and make all kinds of designs and swirls on the nail bed with a fine brush.
  • There are more than 80 different shades to choose from when it comes to Gel nails solid colors. They are quite durable once applied and will usually remain intact for up to a month. They do not come off that easily though and may require some patience, the correct method and even a expert hand to remove thoroughly.

What to consider when buying Calgel:

  • If you have decided to buy Calgel nail products, then you one of the many who opt for special Calgel manicure. Calgel is perfectly safe and the thin coat on your nails is also gas permeable. Hence even if you keep the Calgel color for over a month on your nails it will not harm them. The application of Calgel usually requires a touch of a trained professional and someone with an artistic touch. Thus it is best to go to a salon that offers this kind of service.
  • Oh, My Nails is one place you can go to without any hesitation. Their certified professionals provide several Calgel services for your nails. With the amount of professional experience they have it can only be beneficial to choose them.

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