Make your hands look even more stunning, get the Best Manicure done in NYC for stupendous outcomes

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Manicure is nothing but just another way of getting gorgeous nails that deserves a gaze from everyone. The concept may seem new but it is not, at all. The modern manicure was first invented in 1830 and the first famous design was named as Moon manicure.

At a place like New York where it’s really important to stay updated with the latest trends, a perfect manicure always helps in getting attention. The only need is to find the best salon for manicure, pedicure in NYC.

What is manicure?

Manicure is a cosmetic treatment of beautifying hands with shaping & painting of nails, cuticle removal and skin softening.

Types of Manicure

Popular types of manicure include:

  • Basic Manicure: process
    • Application of oil, lotion or cream on cuticles
    • Placing of hands in warm water
    • Taming of cuticles and shaping of nails in desired shapes like oval, square, squoval or stiletto
    • Hand message and nail polish application
    • Drying under nail dryer
  • French Manicure: clean look with white tips and colored nail polish at the rest of the area
  • Reverse French Manicure: Moon of the nails is kept white and darker shade in the rest of the area or vice versa or use of different colors
  • American Manicure: little bit different from the French one in terms of nail shaping and color
  • Gel Manicure: long lasting manicure with curing under ultraviolet rays
  • Paraffin Manicure: Combo of paraffin wax infusion and stimulating hand massage over basic manicure, mostly for dry hands
  • Hot Stone Manicure: basic manicure plus heated stone addition

(All manicures are in addition to the basic manicure)

Oh My Nails Services

The most popular and best manicure in NYC is the Gel one. The fashion capital of the world always aspires for it. However a lot of safety factors are associated with this process that is why it is always advisable to have a visit at the best manicure salon in NYC @ Wish you a joyful manicure.


A Classic Place for Calgel Manicure in New York

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Calgel Manicure in New York

New York is a city that is a center for fashion, beauty, culture and finance. And to live in this city needs to be alive, energetic and fashionable. That’s why we have given birth to Oh My Nails – a best gel manicure NYC.

Oh My Nails has been offering its valued services to New York women for years and there are hundreds of repeat customers who love to come here in order to rejuvenate nails, hands, legs and their whole personality in minutes.

Perfect Calgel Manicure for Your Nails

Nails look softer, shiny and beautiful if they get perfect Calgel manicure. Experienced nail artists at Oh My Nails provide innovative arts on your nails using new generation gel. We feel grateful because we are known as the best manicure NYC because of our unique and perfect Calgel manicure services.

We always concentrate on our customers’ needs and then apply our customized treatment so that they can surely get desired results. Moreover, we firmly believe in value for money. You invest both your time and money just to enhance your personality. So, it is our duty to give you more than you have expected.

By using modern and fashionable techniques, our artists win your hearts and give you amazing Calgel manicure such as Express Manicure, Interesting Manicure, Fancy Manicure and Simple Manicure.

Being Celebrity is Easy Now

Oh My Nails Services

Oh My Nails has provided its quality nail art services to many A-list celebrities. Thus, we are very much familiar with what makes you celebrity. Yes, our extensive collection of Chanel nail polishes makes your nails soft, beautiful and look stylish.

Nail arts play an important role in looking gorgeous. Therefore we offer incomparable and innovative Calgel manicures that even take care of your budget too. So, get astonishing nail arts only at Calgel manicure NYC.

Quick guide to Calgel manicure

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Calgel manicure

Although Manicure has been around since a while, it is not what it used to be several years ago. There are now several kinds of manicures available to the average customer. Amongst them the Calgel manicure is one of them that is rapidly increasing in popularity.

Calgel Manicure NYC

Calgel manicure initially shot to popularity in South Africa. This then caught on the Asia as well Europe and is now also extremely popular in America. These gel based nail color and nail art is perfectly safe, besides which they are also beneficial to some extent, like being gas permeable, etc. Calgel products also have an advantage over others like:

  • They do not damage the nails
  • They have no offensive smell either during the process or afterwards.
  • Calgel nail color is very durable and hence can remain intact for upto 4 weeks at times.
  • With a great many color options are your disposal you will not be starved for the color.

The best Manicure in NYC

Oh my nails Manicure in NYC

There are several Gel Manicure Salons that offer this service. Oh My Nails is one place that also offers the best Manicures and Pedicures in NYC. The nail technicians we have are highly trained and specially certified. Hence when it comes to skill few other salons can beat the level of professionalism and experience that you will experience at Oh My Nails. This is one place that goes out of their way to make their customers feel at home by being more than just another salon.

OMN – A One Stop Beauty Services

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OMN – A One Stop Beauty Services

Intelligence doesn’t work in every sphere of life. Along with intelligence, one requires beautifulness to live life with confidence. And Oh My Nails is here to fulfill your life-long desires. We have beautified thousands of clients by offering them our premium & best Gel Manicure NYC services like Pedicure, Waxing, Callus Treatment and Calgel.

Depending upon your requirements, our seasoned nail artists and experienced beauticians help you achieve soft and stylish art on your finger nails & toenails. In simple words, Oh My Nails is a one stop beauty services salon in New York.

Come and Renew Yourselves:

Oh My Nails welcomes each of its clients with heartfelt warm welcome. We not only follow best salon practices but also nurture life values through our excellent nail art services. That’s why customers always regards us the best Manicure NYC in beauty treatment industry.

Each of our customers truly feels ecstatic when they see incomparable and royal arts & designs on their nails with a perfect color combination. Thus, we simply renew our elite customers by adding values through our services.

Topmost Pedicure Salon in NYC:

Oh My Nails is a best Manicure Pedicure in New York City. The reason is it completely takes care of your feet and toenails through unique & quality cosmetic pedicure treatments. Moreover, we offer treatments that renovate nail diseases & nail disorders. Also our therapies help rejuvenate dead skin cells on the bottom of our customers’ feet. Through a specific usage of pumice stone, our experienced beauticians give you smooth and soft feet.

Experience Inexperienced Salon Services:

When you are ready to give enough bucks why don’t you receive ultimate nail art services? Oh My Nails being a best manicure pedicure NYC offers magical and magnificent Calgel, Pedicure and Manicure services to its customers.

Our 10 years of experienced nail artist help customers experience inexperienced treatments & therapies at quite affordable rates. Through our quality products, we surely satisfy every customer who comes into our nail salon in New York.

Awesome Pedicure Services:

Best Nail Art NYC, Calgel Nails, Brazilian Wax, Pedicure, Gel Manicure Salon NYC. Book Appointment Now

If you are willing to receive awesome pedicure services, then Oh My Nails is the right place for YOU. Here you get every type of pedicure like Spa
pedicure, regular pedicure, Stone Pedicure, French Pedicure, Mini Pedicure, Paraffin Pedicure and others.

So why not choose a trusted and best pedicure NYC nail salon for being gorgeous and stylish that undoubtedly fit your pockets?

Awesome & Affordable Calgel Manicure in New York

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Affordable Calgel Manicure in New York

Cost is a synonymous of New York City. However, Oh My Nails offers its valued customers awesome Calgel Manicure NYC services at affordable rates. And OMN doesn’t swank but it proves through its creativity in nail arts. Therefore, today, we feel proud being a trusted and top most nail salon in New York.

Customers too feel royal receiving our extra-ordinary services such as Calgel, Waxing, Pedicure and Manicure.

Veteran & Seasoned Nail Artist:

Everyone, especially a lady, always dreams of being the most gorgeous lady in the world. But somehow it seems impossible for them till they don’t come in contact with OMN. As soon as they consult us, their whole concept of being beautiful changes and it becomes a concrete reality. Because Oh My Nails is not an ordinary nail salon! It runs through constant guidance, knowledge and involvement of a seasoned nail artist who has more than 10 years of experience in nail creativity and styles.

So, here you can fulfill all your dreams of styling your nails and hands along with genuine products. What we use is accepted by our top class clients and A-list celebrities.

Branded Products for Nail Creativity:

When it comes to creativity, Oh My Nails never lets a single stone unturned. Yes, that is the only reason many A-list celebrities and top class clients have appreciated our quality Calgel Manicure NYC services. We make use of products that have no offensive smell.

Neither our products consist of acrylic nor monomers. Thus, clients experience mesmerizing fragrance for long hours. Above all, we use long-lasting adhesive that is gap permeable.

Style that you Love the Most:

Best Nail Art NYC, Calgel Nails, Brazilian Wax, Pedicure, Gel Manicure Salon NYC. Book Appointment Now

At Oh My Nails, every customer feels truly satisfied because our creative nail artists and team not only believe in producing great work of art but also believe in uniqueness. Hence, customers repeatedly step into our nail salon in order to get Calgel Manicure NYC services such as Fancy Manicure, Interesting Manicure, Simple Manicure and Express Manicure.

Sometimes clients don’t ask for rates because they have trust in what we deliver. They are always encouraged with innovative and stylish nail arts at quite reasonable rates. This builds trust in our clients. That is the reason they feel that our nail art services are far cheaper when comparing to other nail salons in New York.

So, simply dazzle your friends & colleagues creating unique and special design for your very own nails only at Oh My Nails!

The difference between Calgel manicure and Shellac manicure

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Calgel manicure and Shellac manicure

The cosmetic beauty treatment performed on the fingernails and hands is what we term as a manicure. This can either be done at home or at a gel manicure salon and was quite straight forward and simple. However there are more options available on the type of manicure you can have as all those visiting their favourite salons might already be aware of. Calgel and Shellac are two difference manicures which are growing in popularity. Hence here is some information on the difference Calgel and Shellac manicures to help you get the best manicure in NYC.

Defining Calgel and Shellac

They both are quite similar in characteristics however Shellac is a brand of the company Creative Nail Design (CND) and is a type of Gel. Calgel is also a type of Gel however this was initially popular in South Africa and then slowly conquered Europe and Asia and now has taken USA by storm. Both Shellac and Calgel are long lasting polishes that are cured under a UV lamp. Neither require a long wait for drying and both are equally flexible though not as flexible as natural nails usually are.

The difference between the two:

To start with both Calgel and Shellac are artificial nail enhancements. The process for both of them is also quite similar since both required to be cured under a UV lamp. The advantage over a simple manicure is that both Calgel and Shellac are long lasting and can last up to 14 days.

The difference between Shellac and Calgel is not all that big and can get quite confusing for some people at times. Take for example if someone asks you what the difference between Cola-Cola and Pepsi is.

  • Removal: The process of removing the gel is best done by professionals for both. It is quite similar for both and involves soaking in acetone to start with and then scraping away with a cuticle pusher. Calgel removal is usually faster though.
  • Corrosion: The Calgel nails can be applied either with or without the base or primer and uses a non-acid primer (This is used to bond the gel to the nails). Hence this does not damage the Nail Bed.
  • Color Range: When it comes to the color options, sky is the limit. In fact you are likely to find more shades then a normal manicure. That said Calgel has the option of over 140 colors while Shellac has approximately 60 to choose from.

Best Gel manicure NYC

For a Calgel manicure in NYC Oh My Nails is one of the best options for you. This is a well-established nail salon and is quite popular amongst the people. The main advantage being that their nail technicians are specially trained and certified people with extensive experience.

The Art of Manicure – How hard is it?

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The Art of Manicure

Manicures are popular among women. Many women enjoy maintain their hands in a certain way and hence opt for manicures while others like to dress up on various occasions and hence opt for a manicure. Either way a manicure can do wonders for you and is always recommended. Manicure is of course a beauty treatment that is meant for the finger nails and hands.

There is a lot of misconception on what exactly is involved in a manicure. The fact is that manicure is not a new process and neither is a couple of 100 years old. The process of Manicure dates back to more than 5000 years ago. There have been a few changes but that is only recently with the introduction of Gel Manicure Nail Art.

So you want to give yourself the best manicure in NYC, but where do you do it. Do you opt to do it yourself or pick a salon? You might be able give yourself a decent nail job at home and basic care for the hands. However a manicure is usually more than just that. A manicure is the shaping of nails, pushing and clipping and even filling.

In addition to which it also includes care for the hands and a massage of the hands. In fact pedicure is quite similar, just that it involves the feet and not the hands. That said, some people prefer doing the Manicure and Pedicure at home in NYC.

Manicure at home

To start with do not be in a hurry to get it over with. A manicure can be compared to art and needs to be done while relaxed and not in a hurry. Also make sure you select a sturdy surface.

A few tips:

  • Never skip the base coat..
  • Always shape and clean the nails prior to applying polish. If necessary also shorten them.
  • Equip yourself with the polish, cotton swabs, nail file, polish remover, a small brush, a small stick (wood) and a hand scrub or lotion if the need be.
  • Soak your hands in warm water prior to polishing them and never when polished.
  • Start with thin layer to avoid flooding the cuticle with polish.
  • Avoid making a big deal of small painting mistakes.

Oh My Nails is a salon what has professionally trained and certified staff that you can take advantage off.