A Classic Place for Calgel Manicure in New York

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Calgel Manicure in New York

New York is a city that is a center for fashion, beauty, culture and finance. And to live in this city needs to be alive, energetic and fashionable. That’s why we have given birth to Oh My Nails – a best gel manicure NYC.

Oh My Nails has been offering its valued services to New York women for years and there are hundreds of repeat customers who love to come here in order to rejuvenate nails, hands, legs and their whole personality in minutes.

Perfect Calgel Manicure for Your Nails

Nails look softer, shiny and beautiful if they get perfect Calgel manicure. Experienced nail artists at Oh My Nails provide innovative arts on your nails using new generation gel. We feel grateful because we are known as the best manicure NYC because of our unique and perfect Calgel manicure services.

We always concentrate on our customers’ needs and then apply our customized treatment so that they can surely get desired results. Moreover, we firmly believe in value for money. You invest both your time and money just to enhance your personality. So, it is our duty to give you more than you have expected.

By using modern and fashionable techniques, our artists win your hearts and give you amazing Calgel manicure such as Express Manicure, Interesting Manicure, Fancy Manicure and Simple Manicure.

Being Celebrity is Easy Now

Oh My Nails Services

Oh My Nails has provided its quality nail art services to many A-list celebrities. Thus, we are very much familiar with what makes you celebrity. Yes, our extensive collection of Chanel nail polishes makes your nails soft, beautiful and look stylish.

Nail arts play an important role in looking gorgeous. Therefore we offer incomparable and innovative Calgel manicures that even take care of your budget too. So, get astonishing nail arts only at Calgel manicure NYC.


OMN – A Great Place for being beautiful

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OMN – A Great Place for being beautiful

It has become easier to be more beautiful now. But yes, it requires your passion. If you have that rest can be taken care by the best nail salon in New York. It is Oh My Nails. It fulfills your dream of being gorgeous easily & quickly. So, don’t just think of looking stunning. Here you can be extra-ordinary.

This is the place where you can get Calgel, Pedicure, Manicure and Waxing services along with extra care. More importantly, our expert beauticians and nail artists closely work on you in order to give you appealing and confident look. So, whether you want Calgel, Pedicure, Manicure or Waxing, you will surely get extra-ordinary service from experienced artists at quite reasonable rates.

Awesome Beauty Services

Oh My Nails is popular as best nail salons NYC for years because of its wonderful and result-oriented beauty services. Depending upon your requirements, we offer our great services. And more importantly, we apply famous waxing techniques so that our customers get 100% satisfactory results.

We provide different waxing services such as Brazilian wax, Canadian waxing, Alaskan waxing, Hawaiian waxing, Brazilian bikini waxing and others.

Creative Nail Arts at Oh My Nails

Oh My Nails Services

Being the best nail salon NYC, we always offer creative nail arts to our clients such as crystal on entire nail, hologram on entire nail, hand painting, glitter on entire nail, one sticker, unlimited stickers.

Why most women love to visit our salon is because we provide nail arts that stay for longer time. Our artists use quality products that are 100% safer for your soft nails. This is what makes us a reputed nail art NYC.

If you are eager to be like a celebrity, don’t wait any more and don’t think of budget. Oh My Nails is a customer-friendly salon that offers unique and innovate nail arts at competitive rates. Just step in and be gorgeous one!

Get Special Pedicure Treatment

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Special Pedicure Treatment

Do you know why you need to have special attention towards your feet? Simply because the soles of your feet has approximately twenty times thicker skin than other body parts. At Oh, My Nails, our qualified beauty therapists, help you soften your feet with the best pedicure NYC treatment.

With the help of our pedicure treatment, we can prevent nail diseases such as fungus, ingrown toenails and Athlete’s Foot. This is the reason our nail salon has more number of clients and customers.

Toenail Experts only at OMN

Oh, My Nails not only provides feet treatment but also we provide a complete feet treatment so that you feel awesome. When you get pedicures at OMN, you get your feet revived because our treatment includes toes, lower legs and foot message. Above all, at our nail salon, we firmly believe in quality & premium service along with gentle smiles.

Most Trusted Nail Salon

Oh my nails Service

Oh, My Nails is one of the most trusted nail salons in New York. And we have qualified & talented nail artists who look after your feet and toenails. We provide all types of pedicure treatments such as

  • Fancy Pedicure
  • Interesting Pedicure
  • Express Manicure
  • Simple Pedicure
  • Callus Treatment
  • Scrub
  • Mask
  • 10 minutes Message

Depending upon your needs, our beauty therapists offer pedicures and give your gorgeous looking feet for the lovely occasions or to take away on holidays.

Because of our excellent and genuine pedicure services, our clients know us as the best pedicure New York. Moreover, you get more reasonable rates when comparing to other nail salons in New York.

Feet always stuck in shoes and they become hard. Sometimes they become tinted yellow. Therefore they need a little extra care. So get refreshing, soft and live feet by our most modern pedicure treatments that are designed especially for you.

Come and explore new and creative pedicure treatments in your own city!

Healthy and Comfortable Gels only at OMN

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Healthy and Comfortable Gels only at OMN

Here at Oh My Nails, we pay very special attention to our client’s health and comfort. We make use of carefully selected gels and non-toxic gels to take care of our esteemed customers. Our team of nail artists take your nails and skin into consideration and therefore they use most renowned Calgel. This has made us a top Calgel manicure NYC.

Being the best Gel Manicure NYC, we never leave a single stone unturned when it comes to designing nails. Yes, we do take extra care while designing our customer’s nails and give them beautiful and stylish nails.

Best Gel Manicure Salon

Oh My Nails is a best manicure salon in NYC. At our salon, we treat our customers with most modern treatments and provide them different manicure services such as Express Manicure, Simple Manicure, Interesting Manicure and Fancy Manicure.

With the help of our Calgel Manicures and Manicures, our expert artists leave your hands soft and stylish so that you can feel more confident and iconic figure.

Manicure Pedicure Salon for All

It’s well said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But, the days have now changed. You can get beautiful look by consulting best manicure pedicure NYC. Yes, whether you are young or older, everyone can get amazing and stylish nails and beautiful legs.

At Oh My Nails, we provide a perfect solution for nails, hands and legs. We firmly believe in making you look gorgeous and delicate by offering genuine & concentrated products. In order to get soft and refreshing legs, it is better to have Calgel gel pedicures at our salon in New York.

Best Value for Money

Oh my nails Services

In the world of fashion and beauty, everything has become costlier. However, at Oh My Nails, you get real value for your money because we use proven methodologies and give you stylish look at reasonable rates.

Whether you are looking for nail arts, manicures or pedicures, OMN is the best place that truly fulfils your expectations. Come and explore the world of beauty!

OMN – First of its kind Nail Salon

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First of its kind Nail Salon

When it comes to best nail salon in New York, Oh My Nails stands first in the row. This is simply because of our elite customers’ whopping response and our genuine, premium & quality services like Calgel, Pedicure, Manicure and Waxing.

Being a class one nail salon, we serve our clients wholeheartedly by offering them unmatched nail arts. Our talented nail artists provide you creative and unique Calgel nail art designs and give you awesome look.

Why Oh My Nails Salon?

First and foremost, Oh My Nails gives its customers’ value for money. At OMN, we have a 10 years experienced nail artist who has successfully served A-list celebrities and given them dazzling nail art services. And we would like to see more happy and satisfied customers. So, if you want innovative nail art designs, step into best nail salon NYC without looking anywhere else.

Nail art requires specialization and we do provide it as we have professional nail artists to serve you better by offering you eye-catching designs with exact colour-combination.

Attractive and Alluring Nail Arts:

Oh My Nails Services

Nail art is in fashion today and therefore, Oh My Nails provides attractive as well as alluring nail art designs. Depending upon your likings, our artists make your nails more creative and matching as per the occasions. At OMN, we provide different nail arts like Kiss, Angry Birds, Monet, Math, Doctor Who, Rock n Roll, Van Gogh, Finding Nemo, 90s Nickelodeon Cartoons, Fast Food and others.

Oh My Nails is a highly appreciated nail art salon which has successfully catered customers & clients as per their expectations. Oh My Nails truly understands nail arts and that’s why we can provide most modern designs out of 3000 years old art. So, if you wish to get lovely & unique designs on your beautiful nails, nail art NYC is the best option.

Get alluring nail art designs that completely match your personality!


Quick guide to Calgel manicure

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Calgel manicure

Although Manicure has been around since a while, it is not what it used to be several years ago. There are now several kinds of manicures available to the average customer. Amongst them the Calgel manicure is one of them that is rapidly increasing in popularity.

Calgel Manicure NYC

Calgel manicure initially shot to popularity in South Africa. This then caught on the Asia as well Europe and is now also extremely popular in America. These gel based nail color and nail art is perfectly safe, besides which they are also beneficial to some extent, like being gas permeable, etc. Calgel products also have an advantage over others like:

  • They do not damage the nails
  • They have no offensive smell either during the process or afterwards.
  • Calgel nail color is very durable and hence can remain intact for upto 4 weeks at times.
  • With a great many color options are your disposal you will not be starved for the color.

The best Manicure in NYC

Oh my nails Manicure in NYC

There are several Gel Manicure Salons that offer this service. Oh My Nails is one place that also offers the best Manicures and Pedicures in NYC. The nail technicians we have are highly trained and specially certified. Hence when it comes to skill few other salons can beat the level of professionalism and experience that you will experience at Oh My Nails. This is one place that goes out of their way to make their customers feel at home by being more than just another salon.

Nail salon that meets your expectations

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Oh My Nails salon

What do you expect when you visit a salon. Everyone has a different preference. It is likely that you the kind that looks for the best nail salon in New York for that perfect looking nails.

Some of use try to find something close by within walking distance. While others prefer a nail salon in a good Shopping Mall, so that they can make a day outing of it. With a set of diverse requirements it is hard to please all.

Though there are several nail salons that offer Calgel Nail Art and Calgel manicure and other Calgel related services. This is an alternative to the traditional kind of nail salons where there are no limitations (besides your imagination).

Calgel – in brief

Calgel is a gel based solution that also requires curing via UV lamps. The process itself is longer than the traditional one however it also lasts much longer.

Calgel in no way harms your nails, in fact it is good for the nails and helps it grow.

It strengthens the nails and prevents chipping.

Calgel opens a new door of possibilities with Calgel Nail Art.

There is no offensive odour either during the process or after.

Calgel has a great many colors available for you to chose from hence you will never short of choice as far a color is concerned.

Oh My Nails does it better

Oh My Nails Banner

With a highly trained staff of nail technicians, specially trained and certified and having lots of experience; nobody does Calgel Nail Art better than Oh My Nails.