Calgel Manicure in brief

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Calgel Manicure

The manicure service is available in almost all salons these days. Manicure is essentially a kind of beauty treatment; however it is meant exclusively for the fingernails and hands. A typical manicure procedure will include tasks like shaping of the nail edges, filing, pushing and clipping. It also includes the massage of the hand and the application of polish. The same treatment on the feet and the toenails is called pedicure.

Manicures are said to have started over 5000 years ago and have evolved over the years. They can include painting of pictures and even a design of some kind on the nails or even application of jewels. It can also be application of artificial nail gels nyc, Gel polish manicure, acrylics or tips and French manicures.

Why care for a manicure?

There are several reasons why manicures have become so popular.

1. Fashion and women go hand in hand and a manicure will definitely serve the purpose when good fashion is concerned.

2. Besides which a manicure can change how you feel about yourself (especially for women) and also provide the much deserved relaxation.

3. Which manicures are also popular for people attending parties, weddings, etc.

What is a Gel Manicure?

As the name suggests Gel Manicure NYC is a kind of Manicure treatment. The main difference being that this involves a nail technician applying gel to the nails to bind synthetic fingernails to the natural ones and then using color of your choice. However it is also possible to apply the Gel over natural nails just like the regular polish. Gel manicures are usually long lasting and protect the nails as well against the common problems like chipping and breaking.

The process

The process of a Gel manicure is slightly different from the normal manicures.

1. It includes the basic cleaning and shaping of the nails to start with.

2. It is followed by the application of a base coat which helps the fake nail or the polish itself to adhere better.

3. The next step is to apply several coats of polish to the nails. This also involves the use of an Ultra Violet (UV) lamp for a up to a minute. During this process the hand is placed under Ultra Violet Lamp usually for only a few seconds. This process will harden the nails as well.

4. After which you are all set to go after the application of a quick clear top coat which is meant for the protection of the nails.

How it fairs

The entire process of a Gel manicure is odorless and that for many is a big issue and plus point. Besides which the nails also stay perfectly fine and continue to grow as well. In fact Gel is good for the nails and the fact that they are gas permeable is an added bonus. Then nails with Calgel are usually stronger and thus that is a great advantage especially if the nails are quite big.

There have been concerns about the side effects of the Ultra Violet treatment and several articles have been published describing how it is quite bad. However, several expert Dermatologist have put those claims aside. The fact is that it takes a very high level of UV light exposure for prolonged period of time for it to be harmful. The Gel treatment UV light treatment is quite mild by those comparisons.

How much cost for Calgel Gel Manicure Salons in NYC ?

One thing that does make the people think twice is the cost. The fact is that a Gel manicure Salons usually costs more that the average manicure. On the other hand a Gel manicure will last longer, protect the nails and even gives the option of several styles and colors.

Calgel Manicure NYC

Calgel Manicure is popular in New York City and the is the best place to get one. OhMyNails is a well-established nail salon with trained and certified nail technicians who also have a lot of experience.


Make Your Summer ‘Super Stylish’ With These Five Colors

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Make Your Summer ‘Super Stylish’

If you keep a tab on the latest fashion trends then you must be knowing about Nail art and its importance in today’s time to make a style statement.

However, if you are a newbie at doing Nail art and finding it hard to make a start, you are at the right place.

Here, at Oh My Nails, we will provide nail art designs for beginners and give the right guidance in the direction of mastering the art.

  • We are not just one of the bests, but we are the best when it comes to Nail Art.
  • Nail art isn’t just about making various designs on your nails or using different colors to polish your nails. It’s about using right nail polish colors at the right time and the right occasion.
  • So, let’s start with a simple & still a very stylish step.
  • Summer has just gone by and you would have tanned your skin by spending hours under the sunlight. But what’s the meaning of having a great tan if your nails aren’t adding into your look.

So, Oh My Nails will show you the five colors which will help you out to stand apart from the crowd this season and make your summer super stylish.

1. Sparkling Crimson

  • A great mixture of pink and coral, the color perfectly suits to your tanned skin.
  • The nail polish also has the right amount of sparkling which will make you shine like the sun.

2. A loud blue

  • The nail polish has a royal blue color which gives you a rich look.
  • What’s more, it easily fits into all the occasions and makes you look great anytime.
  • Like it isn’t enough, it contains Ginkgo biloba, Vitamin E and Argan oil which keep your nails in a great condition.

3. A Bright Orange

  • Don’t you want to match your nail color with the sunshine? Then what can be better color than the orange. Not just for the daytime, the bright color can look awesome for evening rendezvous too.
  • This one will give you the perfect look if you match it up with Turquoise color dresses.

4. A classic Metallic

  • It’s one of the most natural colors to sport during summer.
  • It complements tan and easily matches with the most of your wardrobe. It’s a ‘must have it’ color this season.

5. Bleached Pink Neon

  • Neons always look amazing with tanned skin. However, these ‘toned down’ neons are just exceptional. Particularly the pink one, which can give you the perfect summer look with floral printed dresses.
  • Also there are three more special neon colors available if you want to try something different.

So, what’s you are waiting for, just get up and come at Oh My Nails. We will give you the most amazing tanned look by polishing your nail with some brilliant colors. And it’s not done here; we will provide you with thousand more designs to match up your tanned look.

Calgel Nail Art – Discover the new design solutions

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Calbrook International has developed a new solution for your nails. It is called the next generation Gel, Calgel. This is the ultimate solution that happens to be very gentle on the nails and is by all means safe. Calbrook is a South African firm and hence Calgel took South Africa by storm to start with but that was only the beginning. It has slowly spread all over like Europe, Asia and even USA.

Calgel Nail Art Design

Calgel Nail Art and Designs

Calgel Nail Art has grown in popularity over the recent years. It is now very popular and this is truer over the festive season. For example over Christmas don’t me surprised to find a large number of people with their special nail designs. You may already have got a hint of this at Halloween approximately a month ago when there were many using Calgel Nail Art with the Halloween theme. The advantage is that Calgel Nair Art is easy to apply as well as remove.

Calgel Removal

  • The process of removal of gel is highly simple and in fact quick as well. This is the internet savvy generation and I am sure you do not need for me to tell you the how the process is and what is involved. The reason being that there are several videos online on the internet showing the same thing. However if you are still confused from watching many of those videos or reading some contradicting articles; you can rest assured; because this is one article you can trust.
  • The process is really quite simple and can be performed by oneself at their home. However if there are any issues or discomfort; don’t think twice about going to a Calgel Nail Salon; they will be more than happy to help you out.
  • The Calgel gel nail removal process itself involves making use of an Aluminum foil, acetone nail polish remover, cotton pads and even cuticle pushers. With the other traditional gels on the market you are forced to dip your fingers in harsh chemicals in order to remove the gel from the nails. I it is quite different with Calgel.
  • For Calgel there is a solution called Caraway and Cal guard. It is gently applied using cotton and wrapped around the nail with a foil. Thus the is minimal exposure to any smelly chemicals and hence prevents any form of dryness or reactions from occurring. The Calgel layer can be simply peeled out after 10 – 15 minutes.

Calgel at Oh, My Nails

Oh, My Nails is one place you can go to without any hesitation. Their certified professionals provide several Calgel services for your nails. With the amount of professional experience they have it can only be beneficial to choose them.

How To Do A Floating Manicure

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Beautiful manicured woman's nails

Manicure and Pedicure have always been very popular amongst the women. It is quite common for the Women to spend a lot of time in a beauty Salon. While at time it is for their Hair or a facial they also stop over for a manicure. However with many special Nail Salons around these days, the women often opt for special Nail Salons where they can give their nails a special treat and basically have more options like Calgel Nail Art, gel polish manicure, or even a floating manicure.

You likely to be wondering as to what is a floating manicure or what is gel manicure. However there are many of us who are already familiar with the new trend in nails, and that is using Calgel.

Floating Manicure

A floating manicure may sound fancy and a hard thing to do. The truth is that you will have fancy looking nails with floating manicures but they are not the hardest thing in the word as described here in brief.

  • The nails need to be washed thoroughly first.
  • The nails should never be dry prior to this process hence us any nail oil.
  • A base coat is required since polish and paint usually do not go together and it is the base coat that helps.
  • This involves the use of two colors; one is applied as the base and the other color is used to paint your nail such that you keep borders at the bottom and both sides. (Effectively a small version of your nail.)

This can also be described using a quick example. If you were to use Silver and Dark Blue. Then first apply silver as the base coat. Then apply dark blue in the center.

Calgel at Oh, My Nails

Oh, My Nails is one place you can go to without any hesitation. Their certified professionals provide several Calgel services for your nails. With the amount of professional experience they have it can only be beneficial to choose them.

Calgel Nail Art

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Calgel Nail Art

Calgel is the next generation Gel that was developed by Calbrook International. Calbrook happens to be a South African firm and they have developed this Gel that is completely safe for the nails. It was an instant hit in South Africa taking the nation by storm and it didn’t stop there. It soon became a sensation in Europe and Asia too and it wasn’t long before its popularity extended to the rest of the world. Don’t be mistaken into thinking there are not many options when it comes to nail manicure since there are a few.

If you check your local beauty salon you will find that there are many options. On the other hand none of the alternatives come close to providing the benefits that Calgel nail art does. Calgel is simply a unique and has a lot of good features. Here are a few of Calgel’s feature for you to get a better idea:

  • Calgel is very safe for the nails.
  • Calgel also provides additional nourishment to the nails and hence keeps the nails healthy.
  • The thin layer of Calgel applied on the nails is gas permeable and helps the nails to remain healthy.

Calgel Nair Art:

  • During the 1970s through 1980 and even 1990 nail polish was very popular and it still is to some extent. However nail polish was what made one feed good since it improved the appearance of the nails and there are so many colors to choose from that it is fit for just about any occasion be it a social event or a private party.
  • After the introduction of Calgel there has been a shift in what is hip and happening. Two things changed this and that is Calgel and fancy nail art. Not all know how to do nail art and hence there are special nail salons for that. These salons employ special trained and certified personnel that make use of tools like nail art brushes, etc to achieve that perfect look.

Calgel Removal:

  • Calgel can be easily removed if the right technique is used. The rumour floating around that Calgel cannot be removed is absolutely false because nail gel removal is a breeze. There is a special solution called Calaway that is used to remove the gel. It is simple enough to attempt it yourself, however there are many feel safe getting it done at a salon in the presence of the professionals.

Calgel at Oh, My Nails

Oh, My Nails is one place you can go to without any hesitation. Their certified professionals provide several Calgel services for your nails. With the amount of professional experience they have it can only be beneficial to choose them.

Calgel Nail Art – The tricks of doing and removing Nair Art

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Removing Nair Art

Calbrook International developed the next generation Gell called Calgel; that happens to be very gentle on the nails and is very safe too. Calbrook is a South African firm and has become very famous since then. Calgel has become very popular in South Africa. Besides which it is has also taken over Europe and Asia. It then gradually became the most happening thing all across the globe.

Calgel Nail Art

Calgel Nail Art is the next big thing happening. Many people opt for Cagel Nail Art and is especially popular around the festive season. The festive season means a plethora of nail art ideas. For example since Christmas is around the corner you shouldn’t be too surprised to find plenty of Xmas nails designs at the nail salon, on people as well as in catalogues.
Besides that since Halloween was barely a week ago, it is likely that you may find many people with various Halloween nail air designs. Doing Nail art is a two-step process, first is the preparation and then the design.

The preparation involves:

  • Removing the old nail polish so that it does not interfere with the new.
  • Nicely trimmed and filed nails are optimal for nail art. However do not cut them very shot in the process, since when it comes to nail art, the longer the nails the better.
  • It is important to apply a base coat prior to start with the nail design. This makes the Calgel nail art process easier and also protects the nails from damage.

Doing a nail art design:

There are many nail art designs as listed below and each design will have a different set of steps to follow.

  • Nail tip a different color
  • Jewel or sticker on nail
  • Nail with glitter effect.
  • Polka Dot Designs
  • Floral Designs
  • Polka Dot Designs

As you may have guessed once the nail has been prepared as described above it is just a matter of applying the design on the nails; something similar to painting a design on a paper.

Calgel Removal

There is a misconception floating around that Calgel cannot be removed and that the Calgel color damages the nails. This cannot be further from the truth. Not only is removing Calgel color a breeze, Calgel color is actually beneficial for the nails and in no way harmful. Here, are a few simple steps to remove the Calgel.

  • Cover a bowl of acetone in a plastic wrap or foil using a rubber band.
  • Place it in a bowl with warm water for short while; usually less than 5 minutes. (keep in mind that Acetone is flammable)
  • Use Petroleum Jelly to protect the skin around the nails.
  • Wrap the nails with a cotton ball dipped in acetone for a minimum of 30 minimum of 30 minutes
  • On removal of the cotton ball the gel will come right off.
  • Later condition the nails and rinse of the acetone.

Calgel at Oh, My Nails

Oh, My Nails is one place you can go to without any hesitation. Their certified professionals provide several Calgel services for your nails. With the amount of professional experience they have it can only be beneficial to choose them.

Features of Calgel Solid Colors

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Calbrook International is a South African firm that has become quite popular and the reason is that they developed the new generation Gel called Calgel which is very gentle on the nails and also quite safe. They are also good for the nails to some extent. This was developed here in South Africa in 1981 and took South Africa by storm. It didn’t take very long for Europe to catch on either where it has become immensely popular now. Even in Asia was not spared. It even developed a new slogan in Japan like, “The Gel that can be removed with a solvent.” It was not long before it became popular all over the world. And now there are many people who buy Calgel nail products.

There happen to be quite a few alternatives to the common manicure that many women get done at a Beauty Salon. In fact, there are no several salons that deal provide exclusively nail beautification and nail care. Not all of these alternatives have a great deal of advantages over the common manicure. But it is not so in the case Calgel, a gel nail system that is well known for its thin as well as elegant and natural appearance.

There are many tutorials on how to apply Calgel to the nails and how to remove it as well. But the art of applying Calgel to the nails is something that has to be mastered. The salons providing these services will general have professionals doing the job who are specially trained and certified too.

The Features of Calgel:

Calgel is truly the next generation manicure which is becoming more evident every day. The number of people opting for Calgel are also on the rise regularly. However there are still several people who may now be aware of all the features and how it is beneficial. But that is all set to change once you read these features mentioned below:

  • Calgel – safe for the nails: Unlike many other options for a nail manicure, Calgel is less demanding when it comes to the preparation that needs to be done prior to applying the gel itself. Calgel requires no primers and the only minimal buffing of the nails plate prior to applying the gel coating or gel sculpture. In addition to which Calgel and all the additional nourishment products used are not harmful in anyway.
  • Calgel – No offensive smell: When it comes to nail products, they usually are synonymous with a smell of some kind that can be offensive to some. Since Calgel does not contain kind of acrylic or other monomers there is no question of any offensive smell.
  • Calgel – nourishing the nails: Calgel is one product that besides being used for nail art is also nourishing to the nails. Even when applied on the nails it is gas permeable. Thus the overall effect of using Calgel on your nails is always beneficial and keeps your nails good and healthy.
  • Calgel doesn’t fade quickly: With Calgel you can always be sure of two things and they are the superior adhesion to the nail as well as the long lasting finish. This is in fact a Calgel guarantee. The main reason the gel does not peel easily is because Calgel is gas permeable. In addition to which the coat that is applied to the nails is a thin indistinguishable coat and hence can in no way prove to be a hindrance
  • Calgel – removing is a breeze: The general belief amongst many people is that the gel color cannot be removed. But I am happy to inform you that it is incorrect. Calgel can not only be removed but it can be removed safely and with great ease. In fact there is a special solution called Calaway that can be used to remove it. The process of removing is so smooth that it does not damage the nail in any way. The process of removing the gel is not at all a hard one and can easily be done at home by oneself. However if you are uncertain or need help it is possible for you to get it done at a Calgel Nail Salon too.
  • Calgel Colors – the wide range of colors: This has got to be one of the most beneficial feature of opting for Calgel. While you have limited color options when it comes to other nail color solutions; if you choose Calgel you will get more than 80 different shades to choose from. Thus the professionals at the salon have a lot of options at their disposal when performing the simple nail art or the more advanced 3D nail Art. The gel nail solid color solution for Calgel is the best one around.
  • Calgel – The duration of the process: In general, the process of application of Calgel is not a very long one, but then again the application of any form of product to the nails usually will not take time. It is the drying off that takes up most of your time, where you may have to wait for a while. But with Calgel, that is not the case. There is no need to worry waiting for the gel to dry, because the UV light has the ability to dry it off in a matter of minutes thus leaving no trace of a smudge or dent.
  • Calgel – you have more options: You have the ability to change your color mid-manicure too. You can paint right over soak off gel with regular nail polish and even remove it with a non-acetone remover.
  • Calgel – the cost: The cost of Calgel is on the higher end however you will not need to go back to the salon again for a long time since it will last you about a month.

Gel Structure:

To understand several process involved for the Calgel technique it is essential to be aware of the detailed Gel Structure. The structure of the Clear Gel and the Color Gel are more or less the same. However the color gel one is denser. The structure of the Gel looks like this:

  • Clear Gel:
    • Synthetic Resin
    • Photo Initiator
  • Color Gel:
    • Synthetic Resin
    • Photo Initiator
    • Pigment
    • Glitter

Here is some information on the ingredients used:

  • The Synthetic Resin is one of the ingredients used in the Gel, although it does depend a lot on the manufacturer. In general a variety of resins are blended to create the texture specific to the brand.
  • Photo-Initiato is a polymerization initiator. Polymerization is the chemical process that occurs when the synthetic resin gel is hardened through cured with UV light curing.
  • The pigment that is indicated by color name and number consist of primarily tar dye, titanium oxide (white), iron oxide, etc.
  • Glitter is the other additional ingredient (the first being Pigment). Mica (mineral), Aluminium powder (metal) and glass powder are the ingredients of Glitter that reflect the light. They can be used as it is or optionally dyed in various colors.

Calgel Technical Information:

The Calgel can be clear or colored; but both contain photo-initiators which cause the gel to cure and harden upon exposure to UV light. However there is a condition when the gel will not cure and that is when the layer of the layer applied is very thin. Thus when the layer is thin, even though you expose the nails under the UV lamp for a long period of time they will not harden. This happens irrespective of whether it is clear Calgel or Color Calgel. The same theory applies to a nail with a very thick layer of calgel. Because if a thick layer of calgel is applied then it becomes impossible to harden it through the standard curing process.

What is the Curing process?

Curing is a process that takes place after the application of the Calgel solid color. Here are a few issues surrounding Curing.

  • The drying process of the Gel is not actually the conventional drying process. The UV light causes a chemical reaction in the photo initiator.
  • Once the chemical reaction in the photo initiator is initiated it cases the surrounding synthetic resin to harden.
  • At the end of this process the resin is hardened and the gel adheres to the nail plate.
  • The layer of color Calgel should not be too thin. Thus the curing process may be incomplete or poor if the layer of color Calgel is too thin and lacking in photo initiators.
  • On the other hand if the Color Calgel layer is too thick it is not good for the UV light. The UV light cannot penetrate areas blocked by the pigment content.

Calgel at Oh, My Nails

Oh, My Nails is one place you can go to without any hesitation. Their certified professionals provide several Calgel services for your nails. With the amount of professional experience they have it can only be beneficial to choose them.