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Seeking for the best Pedicure or Waxing in NYC?? Do consider these safety tips

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The Best Pedicure

From ancient times beauty treatments have continuously been discovered for regular care and beautification of the body parts whose appearance is not remarkably good. This era has witnessed the continuous development in beauty techniques,not even a single part is untouched from their coverage. A small fact that nail-care industry has recorded growth of $7.47 billion in 2012 would be enough to narrate the success & necessity of these treatments. Pedicure and waxing are fragments of such treatments.

Pedicure focuses on care of the foot and waxing temporary removes the unwanted hairs on body. Finding a pedicure or a waxing salon in NYC is not difficult but there are things one should pay heed to before picking up any random salon to get the best results.

Safety tips for attaining the best pedicure in New York

  • Try visiting the salon in the morning to get the maximum sterile foot bath
  • Avoid shaving legs before a day of your planned visit for pedicure to prevent infections
  • Bring few of your own tools like nail buffers, pumice stone etc. for more hygiene
  • Save yourself from aggressive cuticle clipping to prevent harder cuticles afterwards
  • Have a check on the disinfectants being used and if they are EPA approved

Safety tips for getting the best waxing in New York

  • Avoid waxing your hairs in very short intervals, best results can be expected with hairs that are ¼ inch longer
  • Choose salon that offers a sanitized environment and follows no double dipping (use of same spatula dipped in the wax can for all clients) guidelines
  • Avoid getting waxed during menstruation
  • Use warm water and anti-inflammatory creams for relaxation from pain
  • Avoid direct exposure in sunlight for 2 days at least
  • Try wearing easy clothes to prevent tenderness caused from rubbing

Oh My Nails Services

Apart from these always prepare a checklist in your mind of the requirements that are must for you to avoid getting into pain and discomfort because matters related to health should not be taken lightly. Have a happy Pedicure and Waxing time.


Get Special Pedicure Treatment

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Special Pedicure Treatment

Do you know why you need to have special attention towards your feet? Simply because the soles of your feet has approximately twenty times thicker skin than other body parts. At Oh, My Nails, our qualified beauty therapists, help you soften your feet with the best pedicure NYC treatment.

With the help of our pedicure treatment, we can prevent nail diseases such as fungus, ingrown toenails and Athlete’s Foot. This is the reason our nail salon has more number of clients and customers.

Toenail Experts only at OMN

Oh, My Nails not only provides feet treatment but also we provide a complete feet treatment so that you feel awesome. When you get pedicures at OMN, you get your feet revived because our treatment includes toes, lower legs and foot message. Above all, at our nail salon, we firmly believe in quality & premium service along with gentle smiles.

Most Trusted Nail Salon

Oh my nails Service

Oh, My Nails is one of the most trusted nail salons in New York. And we have qualified & talented nail artists who look after your feet and toenails. We provide all types of pedicure treatments such as

  • Fancy Pedicure
  • Interesting Pedicure
  • Express Manicure
  • Simple Pedicure
  • Callus Treatment
  • Scrub
  • Mask
  • 10 minutes Message

Depending upon your needs, our beauty therapists offer pedicures and give your gorgeous looking feet for the lovely occasions or to take away on holidays.

Because of our excellent and genuine pedicure services, our clients know us as the best pedicure New York. Moreover, you get more reasonable rates when comparing to other nail salons in New York.

Feet always stuck in shoes and they become hard. Sometimes they become tinted yellow. Therefore they need a little extra care. So get refreshing, soft and live feet by our most modern pedicure treatments that are designed especially for you.

Come and explore new and creative pedicure treatments in your own city!

Unique Pedicure Salon for Presentable Feet:

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Pedicure Salon for Presentable Feet

Oh My Nails helps its clients keep their head, heels and standard high by offering them unique, wonderful and quality pedicure services. This helped us gain a niche as a best Pedicure NYC in nail salon industry.

With our pedicure services like Fancy Pedicure, Interesting Pedicure and simple Pedicure, we transform your rough heels and callused toes into smooth and presentable feet. We not only treat our customers but also give desired results that are awe-inspiring.

Every Color of Shoes fits Your Feet:

It’s perfectly said by Coco Chanel that a woman with good shoes is never ugly. And our seasoned team of nail artists creatively treat your feet in such a way that your soft feet become ready to fit any color of shoes you like. That’s the strongest reason elite class of women frequently love to visit best pedicure New York.

Moreover, our expert beauticians use latest therapy in order to make your feet smoother than a Maiyet Slip dress. So, if you wish loving and soft feet, you are welcome to a place where there is only beauty & creativity.

Reasonably Priced Pedicure:

Our clients become overwhelmed & surprised when they come to know about the rates of our services. Yes, it is incredible for them and it is hard to believe that in New York City how it is possible!

But, Oh My Nails is here not just to accumulate profits but to serve you in best of the best manner so that you ever remember your precious moments spent in our unique and royal nail salon. This is all because of our experienced and creative nail artists. Kudos to them!

Top Rated Nail Salon:

Best Nail Art NYC, Calgel Nails, Brazilian Wax, Pedicure, Gel Manicure Salon NYC. Book Appointment Now

It gives us pleasure letting our esteemed customers and clients know that Oh My Nails is a top rated nail salon in New York. Since inception, we have been providing a perfect blend of art in Manicure, Pedicure, Calgel and Waxing.

For us, customer satisfaction is high priority and we do take every possible step in order to astonish our customers through our appreciated services, treatments and therapies. Our 10 years of experienced nail artist believe that beauty is no more any one’s property.

Step into Oh My Nails salon and get stunning & gorgeous look within no time. Don’t wait any more. Here is a right opportunity to claim your bountifulness and be a talk of the town!

OMN – A One Stop Beauty Services

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OMN – A One Stop Beauty Services

Intelligence doesn’t work in every sphere of life. Along with intelligence, one requires beautifulness to live life with confidence. And Oh My Nails is here to fulfill your life-long desires. We have beautified thousands of clients by offering them our premium & best Gel Manicure NYC services like Pedicure, Waxing, Callus Treatment and Calgel.

Depending upon your requirements, our seasoned nail artists and experienced beauticians help you achieve soft and stylish art on your finger nails & toenails. In simple words, Oh My Nails is a one stop beauty services salon in New York.

Come and Renew Yourselves:

Oh My Nails welcomes each of its clients with heartfelt warm welcome. We not only follow best salon practices but also nurture life values through our excellent nail art services. That’s why customers always regards us the best Manicure NYC in beauty treatment industry.

Each of our customers truly feels ecstatic when they see incomparable and royal arts & designs on their nails with a perfect color combination. Thus, we simply renew our elite customers by adding values through our services.

Topmost Pedicure Salon in NYC:

Oh My Nails is a best Manicure Pedicure in New York City. The reason is it completely takes care of your feet and toenails through unique & quality cosmetic pedicure treatments. Moreover, we offer treatments that renovate nail diseases & nail disorders. Also our therapies help rejuvenate dead skin cells on the bottom of our customers’ feet. Through a specific usage of pumice stone, our experienced beauticians give you smooth and soft feet.

Experience Inexperienced Salon Services:

When you are ready to give enough bucks why don’t you receive ultimate nail art services? Oh My Nails being a best manicure pedicure NYC offers magical and magnificent Calgel, Pedicure and Manicure services to its customers.

Our 10 years of experienced nail artist help customers experience inexperienced treatments & therapies at quite affordable rates. Through our quality products, we surely satisfy every customer who comes into our nail salon in New York.

Awesome Pedicure Services:

Best Nail Art NYC, Calgel Nails, Brazilian Wax, Pedicure, Gel Manicure Salon NYC. Book Appointment Now

If you are willing to receive awesome pedicure services, then Oh My Nails is the right place for YOU. Here you get every type of pedicure like Spa
pedicure, regular pedicure, Stone Pedicure, French Pedicure, Mini Pedicure, Paraffin Pedicure and others.

So why not choose a trusted and best pedicure NYC nail salon for being gorgeous and stylish that undoubtedly fit your pockets?