Calgel solid color

What is Calgel solid color ?

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Calgel solid color

There are many who are no aware as to what is Calgel. Calgel was developed in South Africa as recently as 1981. It is a Gel Nail system that is very thin and gentle on the nails and at the same time is elegant. It grew in popularity in South Africa for many years due to these reasons. It later became popular in Europe too. Japan too contributed by its acclaim that the gel could be removed with the help of solvents.

Few good Features:

Here are few interesting features of Calgel products which should give you a good idea of by people buy Calgel nail products too:

  • Calgel causes the nail no harm: Very little to no preparation is required before applying the Calgel. It does not harm, on the contrary the wide range of Calgel products will provide nourishment to the nails when applied.
  • Calgel longevity: Guarantee that the application will be long lasting and the quality will not fade either, which proves to be quite economical.
  • Easy removal: There is a special technique to remove the gel too using a solution called Calaway. This is completely harmless too and does not damage the nails.
  • Not restricted for choice: There are innumerable choices for you when it comes to selecting a color. In fact there are close to 70 different calgel colors.
  • Several trained professionals available: There are several professional technicians capable of providing you this service. These professionals are usually trained and certified too.

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