Make your hands look even more stunning, get the Best Manicure done in NYC for stupendous outcomes

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Manicure is nothing but just another way of getting gorgeous nails that deserves a gaze from everyone. The concept may seem new but it is not, at all. The modern manicure was first invented in 1830 and the first famous design was named as Moon manicure.

At a place like New York where it’s really important to stay updated with the latest trends, a perfect manicure always helps in getting attention. The only need is to find the best salon for manicure, pedicure in NYC.

What is manicure?

Manicure is a cosmetic treatment of beautifying hands with shaping & painting of nails, cuticle removal and skin softening.

Types of Manicure

Popular types of manicure include:

  • Basic Manicure: process
    • Application of oil, lotion or cream on cuticles
    • Placing of hands in warm water
    • Taming of cuticles and shaping of nails in desired shapes like oval, square, squoval or stiletto
    • Hand message and nail polish application
    • Drying under nail dryer
  • French Manicure: clean look with white tips and colored nail polish at the rest of the area
  • Reverse French Manicure: Moon of the nails is kept white and darker shade in the rest of the area or vice versa or use of different colors
  • American Manicure: little bit different from the French one in terms of nail shaping and color
  • Gel Manicure: long lasting manicure with curing under ultraviolet rays
  • Paraffin Manicure: Combo of paraffin wax infusion and stimulating hand massage over basic manicure, mostly for dry hands
  • Hot Stone Manicure: basic manicure plus heated stone addition

(All manicures are in addition to the basic manicure)

Oh My Nails Services

The most popular and best manicure in NYC is the Gel one. The fashion capital of the world always aspires for it. However a lot of safety factors are associated with this process that is why it is always advisable to have a visit at the best manicure salon in NYC @ Wish you a joyful manicure.


Calgel Manicure Options at Oh, My Nails

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Calgel Manicure

Women spend a lot time in the beauty salons, at time it is for their hair, may be a facial and then there is also the pedicure and manicure. Then there are some who opt for the manicure kits that can be applied by oneself at home. But gone are the days when manicure meant only one simple procedure.

The women these days have many options when it comes to caring and painting their nails. Thus some women go a step further and opt to go to a special Nail salon to care for their nails.

There are many options available to you these days however there top two trending fashions when it comes to nail art is Calgel and Shellac.

Cagel colors:

  • Calgel is a Japanese nail art making technique that has been making headlines all over. It is extremely popular in South Africa and has now even taken Europe by storm.
  • May women opt to buy Calgel nail products since once applied they will last for up to 1 month (yes the entire 4 weeks). These gel nail solid color is perfectly safe. Not only does it cause the nails no damage, you are less likely to chip or break your nails when you have applied this product.
  • Furthermore they are also gas permeable keeping the nails healthy too. Buying Calgel products may be on the higher end in terms of cost, if compared with a normal manicure; though difference and benefits are quite evident.


  • Shellac is kind of a combination of Calgel and a regular manicure. In the sense that once applied it is like polish but the finishing is that of a gel. It is quick to dry once applied and can last you up to 2 weeks.
  • The nails usually remain healthy when it is applied and tend to chip or break lesser. This kind of manicure takes slightly longer than your average manicure at a beauty salon however the procedure is shorter than that of Calgel Products.
  • However with Shellac the color options are limited. With Calgel on the other hand there are more than 80 different shades and growing.

Calgel at Oh, My Nails

Oh, My Nails is one place you can go to without any hesitation. Their certified professionals provide several Calgel services for your nails. With the amount of professional experience they have it can only be beneficial to choose them.

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