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Nail Art – A Way to Express Yourself Confidently

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Oh My Nails

Oh My Nails is a unique salon for nail art in NYC. Since our inception, we are into personalized nail arts and offer creative and state-of-the art designs so that you can truly express yourself. With a vision of providing extra-ordinary & eye-catching nail designs, we are dedicated with our awesome services so that our customers can get 100% satisfactory results.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost important for us. And for that, we never leave no stone unturned. Due to such committed nail art works, we have earned a special niche in the industry. Moreover, our customers regard us as the best nail art salon NYC.

We do not want to stop here but have a strong wish to fulfill your every wish with ultimate and unique nail art designs on your beautiful nails at quite reasonable rates. We simply want to serve you in every possible manner in order to make you marvelous and majestic with our innovative nail designs like Easy Dye-Dots, Blinged-Out Graffiti, No Hassle Patterns, Mad Splatter, Loofah Lattice, Stone Cold and others.

Even more importantly, we do provide every kind of Calgel, Manicure and Pedicure with tailor-made solutions. We use Calgel in order not to damage your nails. Oh My Nails also offer you attractive Calgel art such as

  • Glitter on Entire Nail
  • Hologram on Entire Nail
  • Crystal on Entire Nail
  • One Sticker
  • Hand Painting

Oh My Nails Services

So, if you are looking for ultimate and elevating experience, Oh My Nails is there to cater all your needs with extra care. Our team of expert nail artists has served many A-class celebrities and the team has won many accolades in nail art competition in New York City.

Explore your fashion in more beautiful and creative ways with a team of nail art connoisseurs at Nail Art NYC!


Professional Nail Salon for the Best Nails in New York

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Professional Nail Salon

When it comes to very special function, everyone becomes serious and choose the best place in order to receive high quality service or products. So is with nail arts and therefore, most women prefer the best nail salon in New York to get creative nails.

For a woman, nails are the most important because they elevate real beauty. That’s why women choose to go to a professional nail salon where they have different options of nail arts like Sunset Nail Art Design, Floral Stamped Nail Arts, Water Decal Designer Nail Arts, Easy Kawaii Art, Trio Sand Nails Art, Marbling and many others.

Oh My Nails provides varied designs & arts of nails and gives amazing look that simply makes you gorgeous one.

Famous and Budget Friendly Nail Salon

Though Oh My Nails is very famous in New York, it also cares your pockets. This is what makes it the best nail salon NYC. And our clients love to visit us because of our excellent and unique nail arts designs along with competitive pricing.

Quality Products @ Oh My Nails

Oh My Nails Services

Being the most favorable and best nail salons NYC, our experienced artists use approved products that are accepted all over the world. We never compromise in quality simply because we love to serve our customers in better ways that give them astonishment after receiving our Calgel manicure services such as Express Manicure, Fancy Manicure, Interesting Manicure and others.

More importantly, Oh My Nails always provide latest & fashionable nail arts that suit your personality and of course occasions. Whether you want decorative polish, Red & Silver art, or Stripes on your nails, our talented nail artists work artistically and make your nails beautiful.

So, whenever you wish to get unique and different nail arts don’t look anywhere else. Just step into nail art NYC and all your desires will come to end with 100% satisfaction.

OMN – A Great Place for being beautiful

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OMN – A Great Place for being beautiful

It has become easier to be more beautiful now. But yes, it requires your passion. If you have that rest can be taken care by the best nail salon in New York. It is Oh My Nails. It fulfills your dream of being gorgeous easily & quickly. So, don’t just think of looking stunning. Here you can be extra-ordinary.

This is the place where you can get Calgel, Pedicure, Manicure and Waxing services along with extra care. More importantly, our expert beauticians and nail artists closely work on you in order to give you appealing and confident look. So, whether you want Calgel, Pedicure, Manicure or Waxing, you will surely get extra-ordinary service from experienced artists at quite reasonable rates.

Awesome Beauty Services

Oh My Nails is popular as best nail salons NYC for years because of its wonderful and result-oriented beauty services. Depending upon your requirements, we offer our great services. And more importantly, we apply famous waxing techniques so that our customers get 100% satisfactory results.

We provide different waxing services such as Brazilian wax, Canadian waxing, Alaskan waxing, Hawaiian waxing, Brazilian bikini waxing and others.

Creative Nail Arts at Oh My Nails

Oh My Nails Services

Being the best nail salon NYC, we always offer creative nail arts to our clients such as crystal on entire nail, hologram on entire nail, hand painting, glitter on entire nail, one sticker, unlimited stickers.

Why most women love to visit our salon is because we provide nail arts that stay for longer time. Our artists use quality products that are 100% safer for your soft nails. This is what makes us a reputed nail art NYC.

If you are eager to be like a celebrity, don’t wait any more and don’t think of budget. Oh My Nails is a customer-friendly salon that offers unique and innovate nail arts at competitive rates. Just step in and be gorgeous one!

OMN – First of its kind Nail Salon

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First of its kind Nail Salon

When it comes to best nail salon in New York, Oh My Nails stands first in the row. This is simply because of our elite customers’ whopping response and our genuine, premium & quality services like Calgel, Pedicure, Manicure and Waxing.

Being a class one nail salon, we serve our clients wholeheartedly by offering them unmatched nail arts. Our talented nail artists provide you creative and unique Calgel nail art designs and give you awesome look.

Why Oh My Nails Salon?

First and foremost, Oh My Nails gives its customers’ value for money. At OMN, we have a 10 years experienced nail artist who has successfully served A-list celebrities and given them dazzling nail art services. And we would like to see more happy and satisfied customers. So, if you want innovative nail art designs, step into best nail salon NYC without looking anywhere else.

Nail art requires specialization and we do provide it as we have professional nail artists to serve you better by offering you eye-catching designs with exact colour-combination.

Attractive and Alluring Nail Arts:

Oh My Nails Services

Nail art is in fashion today and therefore, Oh My Nails provides attractive as well as alluring nail art designs. Depending upon your likings, our artists make your nails more creative and matching as per the occasions. At OMN, we provide different nail arts like Kiss, Angry Birds, Monet, Math, Doctor Who, Rock n Roll, Van Gogh, Finding Nemo, 90s Nickelodeon Cartoons, Fast Food and others.

Oh My Nails is a highly appreciated nail art salon which has successfully catered customers & clients as per their expectations. Oh My Nails truly understands nail arts and that’s why we can provide most modern designs out of 3000 years old art. So, if you wish to get lovely & unique designs on your beautiful nails, nail art NYC is the best option.

Get alluring nail art designs that completely match your personality!


Calgel Nail Art

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Calgel is a gentle nail application alternative. It is a very good one that too. As the name suggest it is Gel based and requires curing via UV lamps. The process although longer than the conventional nail polish is not very long. The main feature of Calgel Nail Art are listed here:

  • Calgel is good for nail growth and causes no damage to the natural nails.
  • The adhesion quality is very high and at the same time the maintenance is low.

A few tips for the beginners to keep in mind:

  • The nails need to be manicured in the correct manner prior to painting them for the purpose of Nail Art no matter what the design.
  • It may be that your natural nail is simply not long enough or not even. However this is not an issue, you can always apply an acrylic nail first and then paint the design.
  • When it comes to painting the design you may not have a great deal of time. The reason being that nail polish dries very fast hence you will need to work fast.

What you will need:

  • Different shades of nail polishes of your choice
  • Thin paint brush or bobby pins (in case if your design involves dots)
  • Scotch tape or cello tape
  • A pair of scissors
  • Round shaped band aid (if you are doing a semi-circle design)

Tips to keep in mind when applying nail art

  • Your nails need to be manicured prior to painting them; hence if the nails are either to short or not even it may be a good idea to utilize acrylic nails.
  • The entire process or Nail Art on your nails needs to be done in quick time since the nail polish tends to dry instantly.
  • For enhancing the look of the nails you can always use glitter in the polish before applying it to the nails. In fact stick on stones are also quite popular with many.
  • It pays to take good care of your nails; this makes the design last longer. This can be done by applying a coat of clear nail polish every 2 – 3 days. Your nails can be damaged easily if you attempt to use them for things that are not meant to be; like as kitchen tools. It is also a good idea to always gloves when doing tasks that can damage your nails.
  • Everyone makes mistakes; but use only the right tools to correct it. For example using a Q-tip and Nail Polish remover to clean the mistakes is a good idea.
  • When it comes to nail art, there are no restrictions on the designs for Nail Art; because Nail Art is almost similar to makeup. Hence let your creativity take flight.

Oh My Nails does it better

With a highly trained staff of nail technicians, specially trained and certified and having lots of experience; nobody does Calgel Nail Art in NYC better than Oh My Nails.

Nail Art Designs for this year

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Nail Art Designs for this year

As we step into the year 2015 we can be sure of one thing that Calgel Nail Art is here to stay. Thus if you were having any second thoughts about using Calgel and as to whether it or not it is safe and if it will continue to be in fashion then you now have the answer to all those questions.

Not only is Calgel safe it is also beneficial to some extent. Calgel helps overcome one of the basic issue which is chipping of nails. Anyone who’s anyone can relate to chipping of nails after a good manicure which often breaks their heart and sets them off in a bad mood. Besides which it also doesn’t look very nice whether you are a professional in an office or dressing for an occasion at home.

The Calgel Nail makes sure you nails are also strong and that the gel polish lasts long.
Hence you can definitely expect more new nail art designs for summer 2015 and make sure you have a fancy set of nails to enjoy the summer heat.

This is relevant for those new to Calgel since there are also several Nail Art Designs for Beginners as well that are easy and simple and at the same time will make your nails look great. In fact if you are new to this, here is a tip. It may be that your natural nail is not long enough you can apply an acrylic nail first and then paint the design.

Oh My Nails

When it comes to Calgel Nail Art NYC, Oh My Nails are the true professionals. They have the skill and ability to transform your hands for the better. Their highly trained and certified nail technicians have a great deal of experience and will never let you down.

All you wanted to know about Nail Art (in brief)

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Nail Art Design

The popularity of Nail Art has increased in recent times with more people than ever opting for it. This has led into the belief that Nail Art NYC is something that was recently introduced and that it is now catching on. But that could not be further from the truth. Hence to set the record straight I have written this article which answers the question about the origin of Nail Art and some other similar questions.

The origin

Nail Art dates back as far as the ancient times. It was in the Babylonia times that nail color began to be considered as status and hence male colored their nail black; this was the males of higher class. The lower class males colored their nails white. The nails were also decorated at those times using juice of the henna plant. However after the 1900, Nail Art slowly began to be considered fashion and thus it was no longer only a status symbol or for the rich. Nail Art has though risen in popularity since then. Especially in 2012 United States witnessed a great surge in the popularity of nail art. Thus slowly more designs evolved for nail art.

Various kinds of Nail Polish

Over the years several companies worked on innovating the Nail Polish and many of them were successful in developing something nice as mentioned below:

  • Caviar is a new texture that was introduced that consist of micro-beads or velvet powder. This is to be applied before the nail polish gets dry. Caviar provide a very good effect Since there are particles in the Nail Polish it gives a sand effect to the nails.
  • Holographic Effect is seen when nail that contain holographic effect at exposed to the light.
  • Another quite popular effect is the cracked effect. This nail polish is to be applied on the basic nail polish to produce this effect.

Best Nail Art in NYC

Thus Nail Art Salons offer a great deal of options that includes Calgel Nail Polish to product some of the best designs for Nail Art. Such Calgel Nail Art Designs are growing in popularity.

Oh My Nails offers several services related to nail art and such other services. Their nail technician are highly professional and expertly trained with a great deal of experience.