Pedicure and Waxing

Seeking for the best Pedicure or Waxing in NYC?? Do consider these safety tips

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The Best Pedicure

From ancient times beauty treatments have continuously been discovered for regular care and beautification of the body parts whose appearance is not remarkably good. This era has witnessed the continuous development in beauty techniques,not even a single part is untouched from their coverage. A small fact that nail-care industry has recorded growth of $7.47 billion in 2012 would be enough to narrate the success & necessity of these treatments. Pedicure and waxing are fragments of such treatments.

Pedicure focuses on care of the foot and waxing temporary removes the unwanted hairs on body. Finding a pedicure or a waxing salon in NYC is not difficult but there are things one should pay heed to before picking up any random salon to get the best results.

Safety tips for attaining the best pedicure in New York

  • Try visiting the salon in the morning to get the maximum sterile foot bath
  • Avoid shaving legs before a day of your planned visit for pedicure to prevent infections
  • Bring few of your own tools like nail buffers, pumice stone etc. for more hygiene
  • Save yourself from aggressive cuticle clipping to prevent harder cuticles afterwards
  • Have a check on the disinfectants being used and if they are EPA approved

Safety tips for getting the best waxing in New York

  • Avoid waxing your hairs in very short intervals, best results can be expected with hairs that are ΒΌ inch longer
  • Choose salon that offers a sanitized environment and follows no double dipping (use of same spatula dipped in the wax can for all clients) guidelines
  • Avoid getting waxed during menstruation
  • Use warm water and anti-inflammatory creams for relaxation from pain
  • Avoid direct exposure in sunlight for 2 days at least
  • Try wearing easy clothes to prevent tenderness caused from rubbing

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Apart from these always prepare a checklist in your mind of the requirements that are must for you to avoid getting into pain and discomfort because matters related to health should not be taken lightly. Have a happy Pedicure and Waxing time.